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We love San Rafael. It is a smart and diverse community in a beautiful location. In the last year we realized that while our knowledge of national politics was good, our knowledge of what was going on in San Rafael was poor. When we tried to get information on important local issues, we learned that it was hard to do.

Our goal with is to shine a light on local issues. We’ll do the footwork, search for information, interview elected officials, meet with advocates and adversaries to bring to you summaries, links, data, meeting schedules and more to help you – our community – be informed and engaged citizens.

We don’t want just to complain but rather to set the stage for informed, thoughtful discussion of solutions. San Rafael is our city. We can all make this City what we want if we are involved and engaged. Our elected representatives truly want to know what upsets us, what we love about living here, and what is important to us moving forward. They need to hear from us.

We can build a more cohesive, engaged San Rafael. It starts with being informed and with showing up. Pick an issue you are passionate about, attend meetings, talk to your neighbors, write letters and help guide those we have elected to serve us.

The issues on this site reflect our interests. If you have something you want us to look into, contact us. We can’t explore everything, but we’ll do our best.

You are welcome to add comments to our posts, but please know comments are moderated so it may take a bit to see your comment posted.

Who we are

Paula Doubleday

I grew up in the Bay Area and have lived in the Dominican area since 1997. I own a local graphic design business. I volunteer with Marin County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and initiated the ReadyDominican program to get the 850 homes in my neighborhood organized into groups and prepared for a disaster. I love and it’s ability to bring people, information and ideas together. My focus is on building community, understanding local issues, and thus impacting our quality of life in San Rafael.

Diane Doubleday

I returned to San Rafael two years ago after living in the Sierra Foothills for six years. I came back because this is a vibrant community with so many resources. I’m retired after a career as an executive with a global human resources consulting firm. I’ve organized my neighbors to speak out on the Quiet Zone for the SMART train. It was the first time many long-term residents had met each other. I am passionate about transparency in government.