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Posted on Oct 21, 2014 in Human Trafficking | 0 comments

Look Beneath the Surface Campaign

Look Beneath the Surface Campaign

Look Beneath the Surface Campaign

Human trafficking is often hidden in plain sight. Victims of human trafficking often do not know where to turn for assistance and can be too intimidated to ask for help.

On November 3rd, The Marin County Human Trafficking Task Force will kick off its Look Beneath the Surface campaign in Marin. Posters on human trafficking awareness will go up at 40 bus shelters in Marin County. The posters will be available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese and aim to raise awareness of both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. The poster includes the national hotline number as well.

The poster campaign is intended to achieve two things: First, our citizens need to be on the lookout for victims and to report when they see someone who might be in trouble, and second, buyers in our community need to be confronted with the reality that they are not participating in a victimless crime with a willing seller.

Download the Look Beneath the Surface Poster

Watch the video (available in English and Spanish) at

Read more about human trafficking.

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