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Posted on Jan 31, 2015 in Kitchen Sink | 1 comment

Why You Should Subscribe to the Marin IJ

Today I subscribed to the IJ and here’s why you should too. Having a local news source is the most common channel used in San Rafael to get news, according to the recent community survey. We are fortunate to still have a local newspaper. Megan Hansen, IJ’s San Rafael reporter, is at many civic meetings, tweeting, interviewing citizens and officials, and writing stories for the morning paper. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and is making an important contribution to keeping our community informed on local issues. Mark Prado covers the environmental issues and keeps tabs on SMART. Imagine if we, as a community, provided greater support to our local newspaper through subscriptions and advertising, and the IJ could hire more reporters. We could have more in depth reporting on the SMART rail process, the County housing plans, homeless issues, crime prevention and more.

There’s so much happening in San Rafael and the County and our local news coverage is critical. This is not to say we always agree with the IJ’s editorial stance as we do not. But having local news is important and requires a small investment.

$14 for 6 months

The IJ is also a bargain. At the Northgate Safeway, I asked the woman at the IJ podium (you’ve seen her!) if there was a good deal today. You bet. Six months, online access and a paper Thursday through Sunday for $24, plus you get a $10 Safeway gift card. So it is $14. Now that is a deal. Give it a try. By the way, an online subscription gives you access to a lot more information than if you just go online to

Please subscribe.

1 Comment

  1. My wife and I have subscribed to the (soi disant) Independent Journal for 34 years. It’s OK if you don’t mind getting your news late and extremely inaccurate. Hardly a week goes by when my blood pressure doesn’t rise because nobody is fact checking or editing. But it’s the only paper we’ve got.

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